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Any effects
You can manage any material effects, gradations, and multi-tones, pearly, metallic with iridescence, from the most unadorned creativity to the most unrestrained one.

colour fidelity
FREESIGN® translates your colours whatever the colour chart you use.

High definition
Freesign® does not use any screen to get colour gradations, the artwork is then perfectly defined even to be seen closely.

Any quantity
FREESIGN® feels as much at its’ ease as for batch and quantity production. Per unit for a specific plan or in hundreds, FREESIGN® adjusts any quantity constraints.

Ready to use
FREESIGN® is implemented in our creative consultancy and our cutting workshops. FREESIGN® is delivered «ready for use», to mobilize your teams and your equipment as few as possible. FREESIGN® can also be applied by our own technicians at your site.

Any size
Just think of a medium without any size at all. A medium that suits any creations you make, even the most extravagant ones, with indiscernible shade retouching on a painted medium.

FREESIGN® ‘s technology, as well as a direct painting offers the chance to repair local damages directly on the surface, or to replace the impaired area by an identical matching piece.

Easy maintenance
FREESIGN® ‘s colour stability makes possible an easy maintenance, even after several years. Its maintenance is very easy.

8-year guarantee
FREESIGN®, of course is very original... but it is also very rigorous. Its reliability in time allows us to guarantee it for an 8 year period against any blemish when used outside (resistance to ultraviolet, to stress of weather, to cleansers and to periodic cleaning operations).